What is that shapes genuine Christian community

19 Jun 2020 by Mark Faulkner in: Features

“One widely used church diagnostic piece asserts that the church will never rise above its greatest weakness.  That’s nonsense!  People and organisations rise above their weaknesses all the time – if they build on their strengths”- Reggie McNeal, The Present Future

However, you have to discover what your strengths are, what you value, what you want to cling to, and this is part of the question that the Saltbush team are asking!

What is it that we value and what is it that shapes genuine Christian community? 

Do we really believe that our busyness and distraction by many things will reveal more to us? 

How do we once more reclaim the simplicity of the gathered community as the foundation of the church?

Saltbush is not seeking a response to these questions and growth from the top downwards, but instead through the building of the missional relationship, from individuals and Uniting Christian communities upwards.  As we challenge what it means to be active Christian communities, re-imagine and shape new ways of gathering and from this refresh our understanding of both discipleship and mission we open ourselves to the work of the Spirit and what we believe is God’s calling to the church today.  Only in this way will we be the church of the present future!


Two aspects of the foundational ethos of Saltbush are the centrality of the gathering: gathering around the word, around the table and around with others.

And the second is as response; taking missional action within the world as an announcement that the kingdom of God has come near.

Not only are these aspects at the heart of what it means to be Christian community, they are also, fundamentally, our strengths to be built upon.  And only these characteristics will shape the church of the future.

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